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Before and After Use of Revitol Cream on Old and New Stretch Marks In Pictures

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is widely known for its efficacy and clearly seen in the remarkable difference between the before and after pictures of those that have used it. Such pictures of can help you understand more of how effective the cream can be in fading and improving existing stretch marks. The pictures showing before and after use are from people who have used the product. I have intentionally collected pictures of different users for different cases of stretch marks – old and new stretch marks.

While these pictures are very important and can help you to be sure that the product works, you still need to know a couple of other things as well as the product itself to understand and be aware of the truth, facts and what you can get from an effective stretch marks treatment.

The Before and After Treatment Pictures of New Stretch Marks Using Revitol

This picture showing before and after state of stretch from using Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is a case of new stretch marks. A close look will reveal to you that the first part of the picture which is the one before the use of the cream had the reddish color of new stretch marks. The picture at the right hand side shows that the stretch marks were gone.

before and after use of Revitol on new stretch marks

There are some other effects that are usually noticed after the use of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream has commenced but some of these effects are not what you can clearly discuss with pictures. The result – the after picture at the right side is achieved in about 4 weeks. Some people have seen results that are earlier than these. Before the end of this post I will share tips that will help you get faster results from the use of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream.

The Before and After Picture of Old Stretch Marks Using Revitol

This is the part that is often surprising to some people as to how the cream is able to improve the appearance of stretch marks to this state. The image showing the state of the stretch marks prior to the use of Revitol Stretch Marks Prevention cream shows some slightly white color stretch marks.

before and after use of Revitol on new stretch marks

These are old stretch marks, old stretch marks are easily recognized by their color, usually in white or silver color. Such stretch marks can be several months old or few years old, and many of them have been left untreated for a long time; some may have also been treated with an ineffective stretch mark cream. If you look closely you will find that that there are still some white lines left behind. If you read further you will find out why there are still faint white lines on the picture showing the state of the marks after using Revitol. Also, I have given an insight to show you what you can possibly get from other stretch marks products. If you read through the details it will be easier for you to have a successful stretch marks treatment.

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The Effects You Will Notice When Using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

When you start using Revitol whether for the fading or prevention of stretch marks there are different effects that will be observed on your skin. Results can start following the first week. Within the first few weeks you will notice that your skin becomes tender and supple to touch. And such properties are among the ones naturally needed by the skin to effectively prevent stretch marks. While you are trying to fade stretch marks, it is important that you also plan to make sure that it is effectively prevented so that you don’t have to go through the same process of fading existing stretch marks. So the product ( Revitol Stretch Mark Cream) is formulated to fade stretch marks and also (in the same process) prevent new ones from forming. The fading process start immediately the cream’s substances reaches your dermis, it helps ensure that moisture is locked within the skin. As a result of that, it is noticed in the tenderness of the skin.

If your stretch marks are still new (usually characterized with their red or pink color) you will notice that they feel softer than your normal skin, as though the density of those parts of the skin have been reduced. This is as a result of the tears created within the dermis that actually gave rise to the stretch marks in the first place. In the weeks within the first month of the after you start using the product, the density of the skin on the affected parts begins to normalize to the general skin’s. Revitol Stretch Marks Prevention Cream makes use of an ingredient that heals the tears within the dermis. This is done in such a way that even after using the cream, the skin would have received the vital ingredients that it needs to support itself independlty. When I try to advise people about stretch marks treatment and products, I advise them not to only fix their eyes on fading the marks alone, these is why you should also look beyond the before and after pictures of stretch marks – a good stretch marks treatment is supposed to be able to take care of other skin need that are directly or indirectly connected with stretch marks. This is big advantage of using creams (especially ones with natural ingredients) to fade stretch marks over other methods.

Brief Comparism With Other Stretch Mark Creams

Take for example, Revitol Stretch Mark Cream can fade new stretch marks in a month or two and with other skin improvement noticed between before and after the use of the product; there are a few other stretch mark creams out there. By effective stretch mark cream I mean ones that can actually fade stretch marks or at least improve the appearance of such stretch marks. If you would have to compare Revitol with such creams you will notice that the state of the stretch after the use of any given product as compared with the picture of the stretch marks prior to the use of the product will reveal a better result from Revitol. One other factor that is highly important in weighing the effectiveness of any product is the time it takes to get results. The cream is ranked among the top 5 stretch mark creams, but one of the advantages it has over it competitors is the reduced time it takes to fade stretch marks and improve the condition of the. This is still one of those things that you won’t get from before and after picture except by taking out time to get more details. Quality and timing make the difference in fading stretch marks. Since this article is not necessarily a review or Revitol among other products I will rather concentrate on what Revitol can do for you and what I won’t do.

The Other Details Beside “Before and After Pictures"

Thighs without stretch marks

You may have noticed that some makers of stretch mark products find it difficult to tell you the whole truth about the fading of stretch marks. I would like to talk about this because you can’t get this from the “before and after" pictures of any stretch mark product. Stretch marks are generally difficult to fade, old stretch marks are particularly more difficult to fade. The truth about old stretch marks is that they may never fade completely.Read our answers to stretch FAQs. Old stretch marks which are characterized by their white or silver color can only be improved and it only takes the use of some very effective stretch mark creams like Revitol to improve the appearance of old stretch marks. When I use the word “fade,” I mean to completely get rid of them for the purpose of this article. The best that I have seen in the getting rid of old stretch marks among different stretch mark creams is the reduction of the marks to the point that they are only visible on close sight, and this result was from Revitol.

So, don’t hope that Revitol will completely get rid of your old stretch marks completely but they will be improved to the state that you will feel satisfied with the results. This is totally different for new stretch marks – Revitol completely get rid of new stretch marks.

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For new stretch marks, complete removal can be achieved between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the amount and age of the new stretch marks. Before using Revitol, it is important to follow the instructions. To help you monitor the progress and difference, take pictures of your stretch marks before using Revitol and also take other pictures after different time intervals like after each week. Old stretch marks take a longer time to achieve satisfactory result. This can take as much as 10 to 12 weeks. When treating old stretch marks, examining pictures taken at different times in the process of the treatment will help to see how much is achieved and the difference between before and after the use of Revitol.

Tips to Get Faster Result With Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

By sourcing feedbacks from people who have used Revitol with satisfactory results and coupled with the manufacturer's instructions, I have been able to deduce some few tips to help you get better and faster results with Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. These tips are what they did on their own with plus the instructions, I have been following the reviews of this product closely and I have seen that these tips are common to a large number of people that got satisfactory results.

  1. Apply the cream generously. Some people often try to save the cream so that it can last longer for them and it doesn’t really pay much like this. When you want to apply the cream on the affected parts, apply it well enough for your skin to be able to absorb a substantial amount of the substance. Some women who disclosed the pictures the took before and after the use of Revitol mentioned that they got faster results and improvements in the areas they generously applied the cream.
  2. Be consistent. patience is a key to satisfying rsults especially with treating old stretch marks. Although people hardly give up when treating new stretch marks because they see improvement within few weeks, the story is slightly different with old stretch marks, some people usually want results for old stretch marks too soon than can be obtained. Don’t try this and try that cream or method. You need to use the product at least twice daily. Don’t miss a day.
  3. Stay hydrated. Keep in mind that inadequate moisturization of the skin is among the leading striggers of stretch marks. To fade and prevent the skin must be kept constantly moisturized. Drink enough water daily and don't water until you get thirsty. It is recommended that you drink up to 8 glasses of watera day.

You can order Revitol Stretch Mark Cream online but to ensure that you are buying the genuine product, you need to order directly from the official website. It is also the only place where you can get discounts to help you reduce the cost of treating stretch marks. Use the button below to order directly from the manufacturer. Order Revitol now
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