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Stretch Marks Creams Without Cocoa Butter to Consider


In this article, you will be provided with recommendations for effective stretch mark creams to use that are without cocoa butter. The article is focused on the fading and prevention of stretch marks.

In fading and preventing stretch marks, the skin must be effectively moisturized as moisturizing the skin is an essential part of stretch mark treatment. There are wide range of ointment including cocoa butter as well as other creams without cocoa butter. The treatment of stretch marks is often a decisive one as a couple of factors have to be considered before choosing a particular therapy. It is important that you know these factors that are to be considered. They are largely related to the ingredients used in each particular cream. This is very important because there are multiple ingredients that can be used by different manufacturers to bring about a targeted effect in the skin.

Cocoa butter can be used all alone for the treatment of stretch marks while some manufacturers of stretch mark cream use it as an ingredient with other ingredients.

But, Why a Cream Without Cocoa Butter?

What cocoa butter does for an ailing skin is that it helps to keep it moisturized. Moisturizing the skin is one of the conditions needed for the major ingredients of the stretch mark cream to be effective. What major ingredients does is to help repair the internal part of the skin that has been damaged, prevent further damage and then, help the skin to produce the skin fibers and conditions that will keep it in good shape.

If you have cocoa butter in your cream, it’s OK. When it may not do much for you is when the cocoa butter is used as a major ingredient. Stretch marks creams that are formulated this way will only get your skin moisturized without fading and preventing any stretch marks. And, you must not completely focus your search for an effective stretch mark cream on the ones that are without cocoa butter – there are a bunch of them out there that does nothing but to soften the skin.

Major Stretch Mark Creams Without Cocoa Butter

Dermology is a stretch mark cream without cocoa butter Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention Cream uses natural ingredients but without cocoa butter. It majors on keeping the skin in good condition. It majors on the prevention of stretch marks before they are actually occur. The cream is suitable for use to prevent pregnancy stretch marks while you are expecting them.

Revitol stretch mark cream without cocoa butter Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is also formulated with natural ingredients It is formulated without cocoa butter. If you already have stretch marks and you need to fade them and prevent further appearance of them, then the cream will serve you best.

Finding a Cream on Your Own

If you want to find a good cream, use ingredients as your major criteria. Also, make sure to read about the general criteria for finding an effective stretch mark that I have also detailed below.

Best Ingredients for Fading and Preventing Stretch Marks

  • Grape fruit seed extract
  • Squalene oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe vera

Let’s talk about the factors that must be considered when choosing a stretch cream.

  1. Natural or Artificial: Not just any kind of ingredient will do. It's important for you to ensure safety by using products that safe for you. Fading existing marks without preventing the appearance of new ones, and vice-versa will not be a successful treatment. The kind of ingredient used in your creams could play vital roles concerning these. There different ingredients used for preventing and fading stretch marks, some are highly effective than others. Such effective ingredients are ones that should be considered in cream. Among such ingredients, the best are naturally occurring ones. Natural ingredients are more effective and safer than the artificial ones.

  2. Moisturizers: A more effective cream will additionally be formulated to have a moisturizing effect. Common moisturizers in creams include shea butter, cocoa butter and squalene oil. Most stretch marks cream manufacturers make use of cocoa butter because of its popularity to drive sales but the ingredient doesn’t produce better moisturizing effect than squalene oil. The moisturizer used in a particular cream largely affects the efficiency of the cream to fade and prevent stretch marks. Lack of moisture is one the common triggers of stretch marks. Ineffective moisturizing ability is also one of the reasons why some stretch mark products don’t effectively fade and prevent stretch marks. It is surprising some stretch marks cream manufacturers still rely on cocoa butter to for the moisturizing need of the skin in their product.

  3. Use of preservatives The use of preservatives in stretch marks products is a factor you must not ignore and it is important that you examine every product carefully to make sure that it is free from risky preservatives. There are other better preservatives. rapefruit seed extract is also a natural preservative among its other useful properties. When using any cosmetic you should never place what you stand to gain from the product against safety. So don’t just look out for stretch marks creams without cocoa butter but but ones are also. You could check each product to ensure that its ingredients are approved by FDA before ordering it. Among unsafe preservatives, parabens and phenoxyethanol are two common ones.

Whatever cream you chose to use, even if it’s one without cocoa butter as an ingredient, make sure you are consistent it. Also, use some patience whenever using any product for stretch marks.


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