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4 Natural Ingredients for Instant Beauty Hacks

papaya for skin


Dull and dry skin

Massage the skin soft and ripe papaya. Leave it for few minutes, you don't necessary need to wash it off. Then, prepare a scrub of honey and oats with little cold milk. Gently scrub the body with it, then wash off with water. Papaya helps to remove dead skin skin cells as well inactive protein. By doing this it rejuvenates the skin. Added to this, it hydrates the skin, thereby keeping it moisturized. Oat has an anti-inflammatory property and this makes the scrub suitable for sensitive skin. Milk and honey help to rejuvenate and smoothen your skin.

cucumber for eye bags


Getting rid of under eye bags

Get free cucumber, it into thick bits and keep them refrigerated for up to 30 minutes. Then lie on your back and drop each slice of the cucumber on your eyes (they don't have to touch your eye balls). Leave them this way for up to 10 minutes, the wash eyes with warm water (not hot water). You will find a remarkable difference after this procedure. For better result, do this procedure twice a day until the under-eye bags completely disappear. And, make sure to cut a free cucumber each time. Cucumber has an astringent and skin-lightening properties.

cucumber for eye bags


Getting rid of Acne

Get your face washed, wash the orange also. Peel the orange and gently rub the inner white part of the peel on your face. You can also squeeze out the orange juice to a cotton swab and apply directly to the acne spots. This helps to extract dirts and bacteria the pores on your face. Acne happens when dirts (higher than normal) and bacteria clog the pores on your face.

cucumber for eye bags


Amazing face lift

How about combining the beneficial properties of egg and lemon. Mix the juice of 1 squeeze of lemon with a teaspoon of egg white. Apply on your face with a circular motion, then allow for 15 minutes before rinsing. Rinse preferably with lukewarm water.


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4 Natural Ingredients for Instant Beauty Hacks


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